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does anyone else have a problem with fish weruva?

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my cats love all of it, but someone is throwing up the middle east feast with talapia. at first i thought it was diotima, so i avoid giving it to her and just give her the chicken, but she was able to tolerate small amounts of it yesterday so i gave her some as well today. it's hard enough to feed three cats separately and monitor the amounts, let alone giving different types simultaneously. i guess i could buy a lot more natural choice mature for her and give it to her first because the others aren't wild about it and would wait for something better.

the only cat i know it wasn't is baci because he never left his bowl, and i was watching all of them but mysteriously some little puddles of puke appeared behind me lol. in general a cat will make noise, but this was silent urping. the first time she did it she barfed right back into the bowl.

if it was her, i would say it's just because she obviously has a more sensitive system and i won't give it to her anymore. if it was houdini, i would be a little surprised because he's my pickiest eater but he likes the fish. although because some of it was regurgitated before, i decided not to buy another case.

none of my cats have ever liked beef, so all their cat food has been poultry or fish. i'm starting to get away from fish mostly because of the mercury plus whatever else might make it a bad idea.
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I never tried the fish-based regular weruva food. But I do feed my cats weruva BFF series. They love it and never had digestion problem. It's different line of product, but since it's the same brand, I assume the difference is not big?
One of my cats did. I think for him it is because it is so chunky, and he is a gobbler when eating (he eats as fast as a dog). I also notice that it seems to be fattier than the poultry varieties. So combine eating so fast, plus big chunks and it having more fat, I think this made him gag and throw it up. Maybe if your cat has a sensitive stomach the fat in this flavor along with it being really chunky caused it to vomit.
I feed at least a 1/4 portion of any one of the four non-fish Weruva products daily to four cats with no problems.
sunset: good. i mean not good that the cat throws it up but good that someone else had the same problem so i know some cats are more sensitive. it was diotima. i don't feed her enough to gobble because that's instant barf, but i think it's the chunky texture and maybe like you said, the fat. she was begging around so i gave her some of the chicken and she threw that up too so i had to wait (or make her wait) about an hour and try again and she was fine. what i have to start doing is giving her "treat" to her first thing (baby food) in the morning because she's so hungry and she never gets sick on it. probably because it's like paste.

the other cats were wolfing down the fish like there was no tomorrow.

ghosttown: i never have a problem with any of the other flavors even though i've only tried three so far. this is a cat who has a sensitive stomach plus she can only eat bites at a time. this is maddening and time-consuming but otherwise she's just going to throw up and it would essentially be starving her so i try to work something out.

actually, the other two cats never throw up, but they would if i let them eat unlimited amounts. i don't know why they eat like prisoners (or do prisoners eat like animals?) but they do.
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Cinderflower my cats used to eat pate type foods all the time, but I had a terrible time finding something that both would eat until I found Weruva. They love Weruva but it is not pate. Since my cat threw up the fish flavor I have gotten where I take a fork and mash up all of the flavors. Even the chicken.
I recently read something about Tilapia being heavy in mercury, so I don’t order it anymore myself. Maybe you should try a different fish for your cat? How about Salmon? Leon, my boyfriend’s cat, eats the Natural Balance LID green pea & salmon cat food and has never had a problem with it, but it has “limited ingredients” (that’s what the LID means) and is very pure – no random ingredients, byproducts, stuff you can’t pronounce, etc. They have a chicken formula as well. I hope the vomiting stops! Good luck!
You might be confused about Tilapia and where it is on the "mercury content chart". Tilapia has one of the lowest average mercury content levels of consumable fish. It is a small fish with a short life span which means it has very little time to absorb mercury, and a very small place to store it. Look for high levels of mercury in fish that live longer, have dark meat, and are much larger. Tuna and salmon are prime examples of fish with high levels of mercury found in them.

That does not excuse a fish allergy possibly causing the poor kitty's problem though.
Cinderflower my cats used to eat pate type foods all the time, but I had a terrible time finding something that both would eat until I found Weruva. They love Weruva but it is not pate. Since my cat threw up the fish flavor I have gotten where I take a fork and mash up all of the flavors. Even the chicken.
my cats love wellness. i bought four cans last week of different flavors and they didn't care which it was, they ate it so i bought a lot of it.

i have a cat food food processor lol that i've had since 1997. a lot of times if i had a chunked food, didn't matter what kind, my cats would lick the gravy off and leave the rest so i just started grinding it into gravy and they'd lick it up so i don't know what the problem is. i'm kind of trying to avoid doing that if i can though. the two who love the tilapia have no problem at all. diotima just cannot eat more than a tablespoon of food at a time. if she's starving marvin and begs for more, i wait 30 minutes and give her another. i think that's the amount of time it takes for the stomach to empty its contents, don't quote me, but it seems to work. i'm feeding her six times a day though (i know) (but it's the only way i can think of to get enough food into her). my vet knows she throws up if she eats too much food at once, but she never does as long as i make sure the amount is limited. i think with the fish it smelled so good she robbed someone else dish for a few bites when i wasn't looking and that's all it takes. (it just comes back out lol that's why it was silent) she gets her check-ups about every four months and she just went and he said everything is great. her thyroid is 3.9 and he said he'd like to see it a little more toward the lower end but we don't change anything unless she has an elevated count two visits in a row, and so far she hasn't.
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