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Does anyone own any Doctors Foster & Smith products?

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I was wondering what you think about their products in general, and do they actually work according to their claims.

They sell products not just for cats at

Specifically, does anyone own the Thermal Cat Cushion (AKA Cozy Cushion) featured in last Sunday's Parade Magazine? Here's the description from: ... CatId=8982

* Self-heating core - warms without electricity [does this work?]
* Washable, heavy-duty fabric
* Choice of attractive leopard patterns

Cozy Cushion works like an electric blanket without the electricity! Your cat will snuggle warmly on this faux fur, double-thick thermal cushion. A core layer of thermo-reflective material uses your cat's own body heat to warm the entire cushion - no cords or electricity costs! Soon to become your cat's favorite snuggle spot. Heavy-duty fabric is machine washable. Please specify Tan Leopard or Gray Leopard. Cushion measures 18" x 22". $17.99

Does it really keep a cat warm, especially during the winter, when indoor temperatures can go down to 55 degrees?
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I'm not familiar with this particular product but I can say I have dealt with Dr Foster Smith before. They have a line of products for saltwater aquariums. We have bought many things from them and have been very pleased. They are a good, reputable company as far as I am aware.
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