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Does anyone's cat do this too?

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When Milo eats dry food he has to take out one piece at a time with his paw and the eat it off of the floor. I seldom see him eat directly from the bowl and the last time he did he choked on the food and the few pieces he did eat came right back up!!

Also, I can't leave the water bowl next to the food bowl because Milo will scoop out the dry food and put it in the water, one time I came out in the kichen and the water was completely covered with dry food!! :)

Anyone else's cat have a problem with eating their dry food?...Just curious :wink:
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Actually Barnaby picks out the pieces of the food he likes best and eats them over the carpet next to the food dish. The carpet is always full of crumbs. It's funny because even though the foods are mixed together, he always eats his favorite type first.

I never recall him doing this until I started giving him Science Diet which is in larger pieces.

I friend of mine said that one of their cats will sometimes pick up a piece of the food and carry it into the next room and eat it.
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