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Does Squeek like hubby better?

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Squeek follows me around the house, sits near me in the office (she's not a lap cat though) or near hubby if we're in the living room as there's more room for her on the other side of where he sits. When I go to bed at night she follows me upstairs, but she doesn't jump into bed right away. She waits in the hallway until hubby comes up, (he's been messing with a new computer so its been quite late for the last week), and then she jumps into bed all purry and happy that he's there. If hubby falls asleep on the couch and doesn't come up, sometimes she'll get in bed eventually.

Just wondering why she does this? is it me? Could it have something to do with Lickorish usually gets in bed soon after I do- or sometimes before! They groom each other and sleep curled up together at the foot of the bed. Outside of bed though Lickorish is always pushing Squeek around, not in a mean way, but like an overgrown puppy. Lickorish is 2 lbs bigger than Squeek. And why then does Squeek gets in bed as soon as hubby comes in the room?

Just wondering:?:
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I think she's waiting for everyone to get where they belong. :p

MowMow could go to bed by himself and wait for me there but no way... He paces and howls and bothers me until I get INTO bed and settle down. They he comes up and settles with me.

Book just gives up and goes to bed and I have to shift him over when I get there :p
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