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Hi everyone,
I posted some of this on my intro post but I was wondering if anyone had issues getting their dog to accept the cat? My husky has been around cats and after being harshly corrected by a large red tabby, she was able to hang out with them and leave them alone.

We adopted my cat a few weeks ago from my work (SPCA) and my husky has been extremely intense when she's around him. It's partly prey drive but also partly fear of him. Our cat, gatsby, is too sweet to let her have it so she would continue to follow him and bark at him...and steal all of his toys. We've kept them separate per our trainers advice and our dog, lily, has scratched the paint off of the door, the door frame and the walls of our bedroom because that's where gatsby is. It's been a few weeks and she doesn't spend that much time by the door, can settle after hearing him or seeing him more quickly than before but we still don't trust her with him. My old boss at the SPCA had a cat aggressive dog and had told me it took months before he was desensitized to her cats and then he lived peacefully with her 4 cats. Other people told me that it took about a year until their dog was desensitized enough to be ok with their cats.

The last resort if lily can't be safe around gatsby would be to rehome gatsby with a friend but that is something I will NOT do unless there is no hope for lily to be able to coexist with him and where he can be safe. I have consulted another trainer to do in home training with lily and we take her to my old coworkers training facility once a week for fundamentals like reinforcing calm behaviors so eventually we can get her to calm around the cat.

So after that long explanation (sorry) my question is if anyone else has had this issue and what was the outcome? Now the only training I do is positive reinforcement which is what my work is a strong advocate for.. So please do not post any advice or suggestions that have to do with dominance/alpha "Cesar Milan" type training. I'm hoping that she will eventually be so desensitized to him that she'll be able to leave him alone or that gatsby will just smack her in the face really hard to show that he's the boss. Thanks!
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