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Hello! :kittyturn

My name is Little_Al. I just wanted to introduce myself and my family to all of you. As of today, I have two kittens Simba (male, 5 months tabby) and Bonnie (female, 3 months tabby/calico) and I live with my wife Ashley in our humble little home. Simba was originally gotten for me as I was working from home and my wife works two jobs and long hours leaving me stuck in a quiet little home by myself :| I wanted a dog as I had grown up with them all my life and was told i was allergic to cats as a kid. Unfortunately we are unable to have a dog right now so a cat had to fill the void. Don't get me wrong, i love cats. I lived with my wife's sisters cat before we moved into our home and I always wanted to play with it but it was a vicious little thing that was taught by her sister to claw and bite. Anyway My wife picked him (Simba) because when we went to the shelter he stuck his little paws outside of the cage and hugged her hand without claws and she immediately fell in love. So we took him home. He was a little terror...running around breaking glasses in our kitchen, climbing our window screens, stealing/begging for food (He loves fruit and climbs up arms to grab it from you...he also stole a chicken breast off my table while I was grilling!), and eating our toes at 4am every morning. It drove me so crazy because both my wife and i weren't getting any sleep so we agreed that maybe we should adopt an older cat...sadly we took him back and adopted a 5 year old black domestic short haired cat named Rocky..but he didn't last more than a week in our home...we believe he had gotten used to the atmosphere of shelter life and missed it as he tried to run away (We had to get him off our roof!), threw up in my shoes and on my rub twice, and would have these awful panic attacks all the time! My wife also cried for 3 days because "her kitten" was gone. So! Two days ago, we took Rocky back to the shelter (don't worry it's one of those fancy no-kill shelters so we didn't feel bad to bring him back. He was also very happy to be back when they put him back in the cat room and he saw his cat friends.) We told the office people that we wanted Simba back and they looked at us like we were nuts! But they brought him out for us any way and had us sign the papers all over again. While my wife finished up the paperwork I decided to go back into the kitten room and check out if there were any new faces. My wife and I had discussed possibly getting another kitten to see if maybe Simba would mellow out. So here I am taking kittens out to hold and there's this beautiful little 3 month old tabby/calico sitting in a cage with her mother and brother. So I take her out. Next thing I know the lady from the office is there with some burly man and a kitten box. They look at me and just say, "Okay is that the one you one?" Then they grab her from me and put her in the box and tell me to come with them to do the paperwork. I look at my wife in shock upon returning to the office. We sign some papers and they we're off. I get in the car after packing them in the backseat of our car and ask my wife how in the world we ended up leaving with not one but TWO kittens...and she said,"They said we could have one for free if we stop returning cats..."

Anyways, I decided to sign up for this forum because it seemed like the most decent one around with a lot of traffic I guess. I don't know much about cats as I'm a dog person, but I'm hoping to be able to get some people to shed light on a couple things, help me out, and make some new friends.
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