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I have 2 cats of my own that are ten years old, 1 male and 1 female. both domestic short hair, 1 tabby and 1 torti. until I started fostering another cat, I thought she had an alpha personality. Their names are Bailey and Hershey.

About 3 1/2 weeks ago, I started fostering a medically terminal male neutered cat who is also 10 years old and has chronic renal failure. The rescue I volunteer with estimates 3-6 months and we are in month 2 of the 6. His name is Crosby.

Crosby has his own safe room that has his food and litterbox. in addition tomthe solid door, I also have a tall baby gate since he also knows how to open the door. The only off limit areas for him are my bedroom and my cat's food/litterbox area in the laundry room. He is in his safe room at night and when I'm not at home, but I have let him out to wander the house at will.

The biggest problem that I have is that he is a vocally dominant cat. He will cry to be let out of his room (and you can hear it throughout my house). He also will wander around the house and cry/yeowl at times, although that is getting somewhat better as gphe isngetting to know us and become more familiar with my house. But he still is a loud meower and yeowler.

My cats her him and they hide. It doesn't matter if he is in his safe room with the door closed, they can hear him and immediately hide. All day. When I let him out, if they encounter Crosby, they hiss at him and stand their ground, but take the first opportunity to run away and that is when Crosby chases them throughout the house. He has cornered them in various places and they fight and then he backs off and leaves. My male cat (Bailey) is pitiful, he skulks around as if he is waiting to be pounced on at any second and Hershey has taken to growling/hissing in her hiding spot for about 20 minutes and has even growled at me hours after it is over and she has left her hiding spot.

I want to bolster my cat's confidence and take Crosby down a peg. At least get him to stop vocalizing so much. It would be so easy to give Crosby back to my rescue group and call it a day...but I knowmthat his health will deteriorate faster. I have a special fondness for this cat and have known him for awhile, so this is not an easy decision.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to further integrate these cats? My end goal is ideally peaceful cohabitation. This will probably not happen as the timeframe is short, but I will settle for my cats to not hide every time they hear his voice and fear ambush at every turn.

Also, as an additional side note...all cats are eating, drinking and using their litterboxes. No bad behavior like going outside litterboxes or scratching furniture have occured. My cats have not started stressful throwing up, we are just at the hiding and hissing stages. I would rather it not progress further, because then I will not have any choice.

Thanks for all suggestions.
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