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Door deterent?

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The weather is finally getting warmer, and I would like to start opening the glass patio door - but of course keep the screen door shut (keep the cats in and the bugs out)

Last year I had to buy 2 screen doors, because Xanthe kept ripping holes in them to get out...then she would rip up the duct tape I patched the hole with! It would be SO nice if they still made the aluminum ones, but now it's all that nylon cheap junk.
So my last screen door, I got a "pet guard" that IS metal. However, it only goes up about 2 feet, so then Xanthe climbed up and just ripped a hole in the area without the guard. Oiy!

I don't mind if Xanthe gets out, but last time Zinny got out she didn't come back for 4 days... I don't want her missing either temporarily or permanently (like her sister, Disco did!)

Anyhoo, I don't mind if they sit at the door and watch outside... but I wonder if putting that there will make them not want to be anywhere near the door (since the motion detector sets off from 3 feet away).
Maybe if I hang it so that it's up where the guard thing ends and only if they get up there then they'd get air-squirted?
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Clipping claws does wonders here with kittens learning that screens are not for climbing.

The squirt of air device is worth a try.
I have a custom cut panel of the cheap plastic garden lattice sold at the Home Depot that I place in the opening to keep my parrots from ripping holes in the screen door. Works wonderful. I use the plastic lattice with the one inch diamond shaped openings in the pattern and not the large four inch patterns because they will reach through and put a hole in the screen if I use the larger opening. I fit the flexible panel into the groove that holds the non-sliding part of the door on the floor and the ceiling and stiffen it with two two by one peices of wood.
I don't know if clipped claws would work. This stuff is REALLY flimsy... just tugging at it enough makes it tear out of the corners and sides where it's fastened to the frame.
I thought about claw caps, but if they get out (like when I open the door and they zoom between my feet), they'll have no way of defending themselves - there's raccoons and the neighbor's dog lunges/chases anything that moves.

I'll try the Ssscat first. That worked wonders with my neighbor's cat from being on the counters. He doesn't even try anymore!
In the past we have had a lot of success using the pet screening. It is thicker than regular screening. It isn't hard to replace the screening you already have. We even used it in some of our windows that our cats like to sit in. If you don't want to do it yourself most hardware stores will do it for you.
Petscreen did not work with the parrot's beaks. But that is a great product. I think I will change my upstairs windows to it.

Hrm... I might actually try that screen stuff. My door needs screen replacing anyway, AND it's cheaper (or at least equal to) a bottle of Ssscat.

Nifty! Thanks!
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