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Wanted to respond to you re: behavior modification techniques vs. behavior altering drugs.

Yes, I was lucky with those two. I was warned that we'd need to be patient and comitted to modifying the behavior with positive reinforcement and so forth. But we didn't!

Honestly, the only problems I've had with litter habits aside from those two were 1.) due to illness (diarrhea or urinary tract problems), and 2.) the result of abuse (poor little thing was beaten so severely at 5 weeks old for NOT using the litter box that she suffered severe brain damage and it took us two years to train her not to be afraid of the box...the abuser tried to kill herself knowing what she'd done, and at times I wish she had been successful, as she's still allowing her cats to run free and reproduce). Those situations actually took more effort to correct than the issues that were purely anxiety-related.

As far as the stats I mentioned, my vet provided me with some abstracts he'd pulled from, Cornell, and Tufts, at the time that he first recommended my cat be put on Prozac...maybe 3 years back. He wanted to assure me Prozac had the fewest side effects and was the most effective. Coincidentally, about a year later, Cat Fancy Magazine ran an article reiterating what the abstracts determined. I believe it was actually 97% of cats who had not responded to other drugs, Feliway, and behavior mod were successfully treated with Prozac. The other three drugs were all about 70%.

Unfortunately, being that I am not a professional, I don't have access to the "professionals only" areas that my vets do on those sites. But being that you are one, perhaps you could check into those sites and find it. I imagine that Cat Fancy probably has archives that could be searched, too...

I wondered if you'd had a chance to read my renal failure post. I was hoping you'd have something to add?
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