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Hi all,

My name is Karin, 31 years old, and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm the recently hired personnel to two orange kitten brothers, called Noah and Oliver.

I found out about them when they were a day old. I brought them home when they were about 9.5 weeks, and they've been here for almost 5 weeks.

These are my first pets ever. I've always wanted cats but wanted to wait until I could provide a good home. I take these things pretty seriously (sometimes too seriously, giving me headaches worrying about anything and everything).

My guys are great, pretty laid back guys, not scared or aggressive or destructive. Just not quite the love bugs yet that I was secretly hoping for.

It's taken quite some getting used to and I'm having to deal with some insecurities and other issues on my part. I keep searching for ways to deal with them and my own thought process better, which is what now lead me here. I found a few topics here that were helpful, like the advice to not put down a fussy kitten, but to wait until they calm down so they learn that they get their way easier by being calm. That's something that hadn't occurred to me yet. My guys are pretty ok with being handled, Oliver seems to be fine with being picked up and is very curious about the world 'up high'. Noah is a little more aloof and often not in the mood so he will get fussy. I only focused on trying to make it a positive experience and thought that him being fussy made holding him negative so I'd put him down. Now I'll definitely try the calm-down-first way, I really think it might work with him.

I still have a lot of questions, little things that I worry about because I really want to get things right. So you'll be seeing some more of me here. And to compensate for harassing you with questions I will post some gratuitous kitten pics :)
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