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Hello everyone
It has been awhile since I posted on here.
My 6 year old female cat is having ear problems.
Her right ear has some light (light yellow to clear) colored discharge coming from it. It is mostly a gel or liquid consistency- so not wax. When she shakes her head liquid flies out.
She seems otherwise healthy; she is eating- asking for food, drinking, and playing.
She does have feline herpes and occasionally has conjunctivitis in one eye. L-lysine supplement fixes that every time.
I did just start giving her Lysine this morning to see if that helps at all but from my knowledge ears are not usually a problem of feline herpes.
She seems content and happy- my vet did not have time to see her today. I can only get an appointment later this week.
I believe this discharge started a few days ago- not quite sure.
I do have another cat and at first I assumed the ear discharge may just be from them roughhousing and a small injury maybe. But I cannot see anything abnormal in this ear after comparing it to her other ear.
Any ideas?
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