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Ear mite advise?

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Hi everyone,
Winstin is a very happy yr and a half kitty who's hard a rough start, he came home with me with a deadly intestinal virus, eye infects and year mites and after 24 hr care and lottas love a treatment he's pulled through with minor health issues :). But I can't seem to rid his ear mites he was treated not by choice by the pesticide drops that go between the shoulder blades and they seemed to have gone away but noticed around Xmas him scratching his one ear bad and low and behold there back but just the one ear. I've been using gold metals ear mite drops and he seems not irritated by the mites no scratching or shaking of head but ears are still full of poop. I clean them every other day and drops everyday it's been almost 2 months and they are not letting up. Please suggest a better brand to use this is what my vet gave me but clear its not working and I just want Winstin a fully happy healthy kitty again no medication.
Please help this mommy cure her little boy of mites forever :)
Winstin and Sarah
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Take him back to the vet for another checkup
I'm sorry but from my experience and what our vet said the Ear mites are pretty much permanent, a chronic disorder because of the shape of the ear canal it's more susceptible, but it's not so bad since they're manageable with ear drops... you just have to continue with that treatment. you notice the ear perk up right afterwards, right? If not you might try another solution, but my cat had this trouble all his life and we just used whatever the vet prescribed as needed, and it worked directly after administration but of course only temporary
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