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Ear mites?? HELP

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Hey everyone, my cat Thomas is over one year old now and for a while he has had a problem with his ears. He scratches the area infront of his ears constantly even until bleeding and shakes his head back and forth. I have taken him to two different vets 3 times to the first and 3 times to the second. The first vet said food allergies because they couldn't find any ear mites and gave me some drops to fix it but it didn't. The second vet said Ear mites even though he didn't find any on a swab but that anytime in the past 60 years that a cat has had brown-black wax in his ears it had been ear mites. I have tried both drops and all they do is make Thomas mad. I'm leaving for thee Air Force soon and so I'm trying to get him all better before I go. If anyone has any ideas please let me know l, thankyou.

Ps. I do swab his ears everynight but it does nothing. :(
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Neither vet found mites? and the first suspects an allergy? What are you feeding your kitty? Most dry kibble tends to be high grains which cats do not need in their diet and are usually the cause of MOST allergies. Also check to see what proteins are in the food. you may want to go with single protein foods to help find if it is the meats.

there are several threads in the health and nutrition areas on finding the cause of allergies. you may have to use the search function to locate them.

I know when my cat developed a allergy to grains he would literally dig at his ears.

If it was ear mites you would definitely see something in his ears. I had a cat named Lucky (he is now an angel) who had ear mites when we found him. You could see them in his ears. If nothing is coming out on the swabs, then it probably is an allergy. Take him back to the vet for more help. Good luck!
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