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I adopted a second cat 1 week and 2 days ago. She has lots of issues which I've discussed in many other threads. She's friendly and very loving but has been quite a piece of work so far!

But as far as eating goes, she's a piece of cake. She was on kibble and the occasional canned "treat" in her foster home, and I was told she preferred the canned food. So as soon as I got her I put her on a schedule of canned only. Fancy feast, because that was her favorite.

Her poop was so stinky I had to switch her to grain-free Wellness after just 3 days. She still gobbled it up. I thought my first kitty was easy, but she definitely resisted the switch from Fancy Feast to Wellness so this was quite a surprise.

Her appetite has increased steadily, which is great because she is underweight and recovering from a URI. She is now eating exactly how much I wanted her to be eating.

Today just for fun (because she kept trying to snag the meat I was eating for lunch), I decided to see if she would eat some of my first cat's raw food (Feline's Pride). I didn't mix in any of her canned, which is something I had to do with my first cat when transitioning because she would not eat the raw food by itself. Well, the new kitty just gobbled it up! She ate the whole thing, faster than she'd eat a similar amount of canned food. I never thought it would be so easy and stress-free for her!
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