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Easy Time Moving Kittens =)

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Hey all!

Well, we did it. We're home! Me and the Babies! My sister is still at her house, but she'll be here for dinner each night and sleeping here every other day until she moves home too. Boo and Drizzle are both doing fantastic. They LOVE the new house. Sooo much more space to run around. So much to explore. They're back to themselves after only two or three hours of "what? what? Where am I?" hehe.

Only tough part was the car ride. Poor little man cried his heart out. :cry: He thought it was time to go to the Vet or something. Sniff, sniff. As soon as we came in though, he realize, "Hey, I've been here before, it's a good place!" and he's happy now.

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Sounds great to me! I'm glad the cats are indoors. It's so much safer.
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