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Eating less, drinking more, runny stool

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Hi everyone...

Lately Lickorish isn't finishing her food (and Squeek steals whatever she leaves behind) and after eating she drinks quite a bit of water, even though we only feed her grain-free canned food. She also recently started eating our faux fur throw (which we removed) and just this week had some diarhea, but that has gone away. She used to gobble up everything in her bowl, now she eats about half and walks away. Sometimes, if Squeek hasn't eaten everything, she'll come eat more later on. She is still energetic and hasn't lost weight that I can tell (its next to impossible to weigh her). But at 12+ lbs I think she should be eating more. We give them each one 5.5oz can / day + a small treat of Wellness kibble. They maintain their weight on that even though the cans say we should feed them more, but now Lickorish isn't even eating a full can in a day. Any ideas? Should I consult a vet?
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yes. This could be diabetes or problems with her kidneys or something visit is best:)
How old is Lickorish? I have a ton of other questions but I sort of have a rule for myself. If the cat is not improved, or is running fever, or has displayed any new symptoms in the first 48 hours I take them to the vet. Sometimes sooner. Like if the temp is over 104, consistant vomiting, ect. I agree with Xanti she needs to see her favorite vet!
How old is Lickorish?
She'll be 5 years in June. We've had her 4.5 months. Hasn't been acting sick, except she does seem to be a little more skittish lately.
My cats don't eat any more than that and they are 12 pounders. One of them is still growing and has a large frame.
Because of recent experiences I've had with one of my cats, appetite change, and especially a decrease in appetite, will ALWAYS equal vet visit for me. Since cats are so good at masking pain, that is sometimes the only symptom they will have, even if something more serious is going on.
Took her to the vet this morning. $200 down and nothing obviously wrong that the vet could see or feel, and she's gained weight since her last vet visit. Now waiting on lab results. Hope the pet insurance covers it even if its nothing wrong.
Good news! The labs came back and everything is purrfectly normal.:) Maybe I'm just feeding too much and she's not drinking excessively, just more than I expected, and more than Squeek.
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