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Hello group,
I am seeing a vet for this and will continue working with the vet, but I am looking for any information from people who have maybe seen this before. My cat has early stages of kidney disease and I have read that hypersalivation can be a symptom of that. My intuition is that her kidney disease is not the cause. She hypersalivates when eating and drinking. Then when she grooms herself after the very messy and unsatisfactory eating, she is soaked with cat food smelling saliva. But if she is not eating or drinking, she is not drooling. It is only when she is stimulated in those ways.
She does have slightly elevated ionized calcium and I understand this could mean she has a tumour. The vet checked her mouth and there was nothing obviously at fault. She has had URI flare-ups through her whole life and just got over one about a month ago.
Any ideas? Should I pay for a dental exam just in case that is it? I could put her through that only to find no improvement because it is due
to a tumour.
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