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Hi guys,

So I've been dealing with Wintressia's CRF and her relatively-new diagnoses of high blood pressure and IBD.

As a side note, she never really showed symptoms of the IBD - no vomiting, diarrhea, etc. But, when my new vet did an ultrasound to check out Win's kidneys after the CRF diagnosis, she mentioned she noticed inflammation of the intestines/one lymph node.

Anyway, I've noticed (or feel like I've noticed) that Win has been somewhat constipated for the last 3-4 days.

-She is on a raw diet (Feline's Pride - ) and has been for over a month.

-Her only medications are 1ml of liquid amlodipine daily, and 2.5mg of prednisolone every OTHER day. She has been on the amlodipine for 30 days, and on the prednisolone for 9 days.

-She is outdoors during the day, but never ventures beyond our backyard. She is indoors at night. (From about 6-7pm onwards.)

Before the last few days, she would consistently poop once per night in the litter box. Since starting the raw diet, the poops have been small, medium-dry, and pretty light in color. There was zero poopstink involved, which made me very happy.

I got instantly worried when I combed through the box one morning (I think 4 days ago) and found no poop. None the next night, either, but since she's outdoors during the day, I figured she might be going in the planters/flowerboxes.

I gave her a little bit of milk and a little bit of hairball gel that night just in case things weren't moving along her digestive tract well. The next morning, there was a small amount of semi-unformed poop, which was darker and stinkier than usual.

I was still worried, so I tried keeping her indoors all day on Thursday in order to force her to use the litterbox, if she was going to go. And she didn't go all day OR all night. I gave her a small amount of hairball gel that night as well, but no other supplements or any food other than her usual raw meal.

Friday morning, there was one small log of poop (sorry, there's no elegant description possible) in the litterbox, and it was VERY dark in color, somewhat moist, somewhat misshapen, and HORRIFICALLY stinky. I'm not exaggerating. We are talking stink that was nearly lethal.

I called my new vet, who checked to see if constipation is a common side effect on Win's medications. She said it wasn't a common side effect, and wants me to bring Win in for an examination.

The problem is, tomorrow's Saturday, and the vet doesn't have any openings. The vet is also 30 minutes away, so it's a long and stressful drive for Win, and I don't want to subject her to that too often. I also don't really want to wait until Monday in case the constipation continues.

I can always call my old vet and try to see if they'll see Win tomorrow, but I basically gave them the snub when I sought out my new vet. Even though the old vet did a really crappy job with the CRF diagnosis and treatment options, they're still very conveniently close, and I hadn't had any real issues with them before the CRF flap.

Since Win DID pass feces twice in the last four days, even if it wasn't much and was stinky and odd both times, should I still be worried and rush her to the vet? Or is it something that can wait until Monday, when I can take her to the new vet?

I bought some MiraLAX, and some canned pumpkin, but I haven't dosed her with either one yet. I don't know if I should. I'm scared I'll do something horrible to her if I give her the MiraLAX, even though I know the chemicals in it aren't toxic to cats.

I apologize for the Wall of Text. >_< I get very verbose when I'm worried :/
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