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'ello fellow cat lovers! I'm Hoax, and I'm owned by two cats.

A little bit about them:

Zero - Named after the ghost puppy on Nightmare Before Christmas. A pure black short hair. She's of no particular breed, just a farm cat. She came to me from a friend who was having trouble finding her a home. When I saw her, I instantly fell in love and couldn't say no. <3

Piper - I'm unsure if she would be considered a calico or a tortoiseshell. (Maybe someone can help me identify which?) She also has the characteristic M of a tabby cat. She came from a co-worker who's wife was allergic.

A little bit about me:
I live in the US, and I'm an animal lover. Besides the two kitties, I have four dogs. I found this forum through google and decided to join. I look forward to meeting everyone. ^.^

- Hoax

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