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emergency vet or wait til morning?

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Just got home from work and went in to check on my teo new foster cats. Saw a spot of blood. Looked to see who/where it came from and why!

Turns out the guy that was neutered on Thursday popped his neuter! YIKES! bleeding a tad and his bits are exposed. Should I run him to emergency vet, or can I maybe gauze him and wait until morning? I need to get board of directors approval and I'd hate to call them this late (it's going on one am here)
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i think i'd be tempted to take him to a vet immediately. i'm not too sure how to bandage that area. ;) (i've had one neutered and one spayed, but nothing like this ever happened. after they spayed the female, they said, "don't let her jump," and i was like, "how am i supposed to not let a cat jump? and if she does, will her insides come out????" but fortunately, no.

and since you're fostering, i'd think it's better to err on the side of caution. the worst they can do is make you pay for it, right?
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