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Payge, you have no idea how much my hair stands out on my neck right now!

The fact you dreamt about Sam means he's looking over you, even if he's not with you in life anymore. You have a guardian angel.

And you know why the hair stands out on me too, the fact that our two seal points siamese siblings, Sam & Suzy will come and live with out very shortly (less than 6 days now). We saw Sam for the first time when he was 4 weeks old and fell in love with him. We had thought of other kitty names, but when we were there, with him, the name Sam came to us.

The fact that we picked his sister after the next visit was a natural, she's his twin sister when it comes to coloring and quality of fur, they look alike. And her name came to us too by random. A name that hadn't been in our list of possible names.

Thank you so much for sharing your whole story and the story how Envy & Chaos came into your life!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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