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Hi - I am new here but have been a cat lover/owner all of my life. Recently after a move one of my lovely babies started peeing on the brand new carpet. I assume this is behaviorial since I took her to the vet, she got a clean bill of health so am doing the whole reintroducing her to the litter box while keeping her locked up and away from the carpeting, but now also trying to get the smell out of the carpet before I set her free again.

Because of the great reviews, I started with the Nature's miracle for cat urine and have completely doused the whole area 3 times with a full week to two weeks in between to let it dry completely and can still faintly smell the urine, but now also have that horrible perfumey smell that the product leaves behind as well.

I then tried Zero Odor which did absolutely nothing to the urine or perfume smell but also has left a 3rd horrid smell kind of like an old dirty pool.

I then tried using the zero odor mixed with baking soda a water and used that mixture with my wet vac, but again, really has done nothing to any of the product smells AND I can still faintly smell the urine when I sniff the carpet up close.

So, for my question - I think I found another enzyme cleaner, this time without the fragrance in the product, but when I went to read reviews, I see none... can't believe that no one has reviewed the Petco Brand, So Phresh bio enzymatic cat urine cleaner; has anyone on this site tried it, and if so, did it work for you?

I do believe the enzymes is the way to go with all of the research I have done, but I can't stand the product smell from the highly rated Nature's Miracle.

Any help would be appreciated since I certainly can not let the cat free if there is even a small chance that she will still smell her marking and feel the need to re-mark...

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