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(but were afraid to ask)

1. Mice can express their disgust in many ways. One is by biting you. Another way might be to dump bedding into the bowl of medicine-laced Soy Dream that you just prepared.

2. Different mice have different tastes. Just because Mouse A likes to take his medicine with a little Soy Dream, doesn't mean Mouse B won't instead prefer to take it with peanut butter spread thinly on half a Ritz cracker. Resistance is futile (see #1).

3. Don't think mice can hold a grudge? Think again.

4. Mice can spontaneously generate an extra two inches of skin and several additional legs that will enable them to wriggle out of the firmest grasp.

5. After two weeks of serving medicine-laced Soy Dream, a certain mouse will come to expect this as a nightly occurence. You will get glares for not giving it to him - now.


~ Emily, who's glad to be done with sick animals for awhile
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