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What you call aggressive and destructive behavior I call owning a kitten. ;)

Shepherd Book definitely tries my patience and I've had to make adjustments to living with him. I learned that I almost always have to close the bathroom door at night or he trashes the room. I have to make sure I never leave *ANY* foodstuffs on the counter. Even things I wouldn't think are appealing to him, he still seems to want to rip them apart to be SURE he doesn't want to eat them.

We struggled a lot with the scratching as well. Trimming his nails every other week and praising him to the heavens when he uses an appropriate scratching device helped wonders. I also noticed that he got obsessed with a sisal welcome mat so I leave that down and let him scratch the crap out of it. It's replaceable and he prefers it to chairs/rug.

All in all it's not so bad. It's all just 'stuff' and can be replaced :)
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