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Franny -- best cat ever! purring in my heart Porch cat THE DIVIT aka Divey seriously traumatized
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Hi Mary -- Sorry your sweetie has you worried. If you can stand it -- try googling common cat eye problems but look under the results for images. Maybe you can find something similar to what you are seeing in your kitty. I'm not suggesting a google diagnosis -- I am suggesting a way to 1) dial your worries down or 2) get a sense of how shallow or deep that rabbit hole MIGHT be or could become and 3) get a clue if your kitty is experiencing any "discomfort" aka pain. Offering a picture in forums like this might get you further than a general description.
I found this -- Examining and medicating a cat’s eyes It may include some useful How to's. Vets are facing serious challenges in the post covid season - they really have to manage their time, space and resources. Vets with specialties say in eye care -- a common area of issues for both kitties and dogs -- can come to a diagnosis perhaps more quickly just by tapping hands on experience. Where the real challenge comes in for you is answering "how far is too far", in time, in distance, in expense -- a diagnosis is one aspect/treatment is another.

By surfing cat eye images -- you can at least collect the vocabulary surrounding the issues -- it can help you to ask questions of your vet and help you to understand their answers too. It may also give you tools for communicating in kitty forums.

That's it the best I can offer are tools -- and to let you know I hear your 8 years of love shining through every word! Let us hear how this goes -- ok?
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