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eye questions

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my siamese, 1.8 yr old now,got it when it 3 months old. i sort of noticed immediately a seeing problem at his young age, he hit the coffee table one night, and he did not jump like most cats. as he got older, he would stand on back feet and try to feel the coffee table with front feet before he jumps on it. also, when i take him out to walk, he sort of walks off the sidewalk, like he does not see it, but he will notice a bug crawling 5 ft in front of him, so he can some things

took him to vet yesterday, he had one watery eye, and thats why i went, and the vet gave me some lubrication drops for it. .i asked the vet about the seeing problem, she did not think it had a seeing problem, and took it in the back. she then came out and agreed, that it did have some troubles seeing, and stated that my cat bumped a couple of things there in the back. .she wants me to take it to an eye vet.

should i take it too the eye vet, or just conclude that it was problably born with a seeing problem...i sort of doubt the vet can do anything for him
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I recently read an article where a dog got rescued and was blind, and vets were able to restore sight in one eye. I think it's definitely worth it!
I rescued 2 fully blind kitties and two with limited eye sight of 40% and 60%. From the limited info it does sound like your cat may be blind or see shadows.

I would encourage you to go see a specialist. Some times they can develope infections in the eye socket which is extremely painful. My fully blind kitties had their eyes removed. They are doing just fine now. The limited vision cats need daily eye drops for comfort. They had surgery to restore their sight. Both now have 100% sight.

Check out the web sight for Blind Cat Rescue. You will be inspired. Blind kitties can live happy full lives. Read the book Homers Odyssey - its about a blind cat.

Both the blind kitties, Laverne and Shirley, found wonderful homes after thier surgeries. One of the limited eye sight cat Mougley has a forever home after his surgery. Only sweet White Soxs still is waiting for her person.
i quess i will give it a try if there is a chance to restore some sight....
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