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Hello B. Congratulations on your new kitten! They do take a while to get the hang of things and litter boxes can be daunting for both of you. We went though several different kinds before finding one that got a thumbs up from my girls.

Good choice not using the clay since he's eating it, but he may not like the paper. You could google safe litter for kittens and try some of those until he's old enough to switch back.

I'm not sure about putting the poop back in the box. Some cats are very picky about going in a soiled box. If he poops in the box on his own, you could give him a treat and praise immediately afterwards. If he starts to poop outside the box, you could try gently picking him up and putting him in, give him some space but keep an eye on him while he's in there, then give him praise right afterwards. If he misses, don't say anything but clean it up thoroughly asap so he doesn't associate the same spot as a place to go. Also, his cold may be causing problems with his sense of smell so you may see improvement when it's over.

I found with mine, they didn't like too little or too much litter, so I keep it to 3 inches of unscented in a good size box with no cover, and that works fine for them. I've never tried it, but some people here have had luck with Dr Elsy's Kitten Attract.

Kittens can take a while to learn the ins of outs of being a cat, but you're really doing a great job with his training and I suspect he'll get the hang of it soon enough!
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