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Hello I'm new here :D

I have 7 cats (I do there is usually even more in the house, but I only claim 7!) One of my cats is FAT. I've had her since she was a kitten, bottle fed her and her siblings...her mom is fat, as are most of her siblings and I believe they are genetically predisposed. The other owners seem to have just as much luck as me (i.e. none!) in getting their weight down.

My question is, with 6 other cats, how can I control her food so she loses weight healthily? I've had her on Iams Weight Reduction and Science Diet Weight Reduction, and tried to limit her food to twice a day. I've removed the other cats food to areas that she can't reach. Nothing so far has worked.

She is so fat that she can't clean herself after using the litter box, so every night I have to clean her off with a baby wipe 8O

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks you all so much!!!!
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