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Fat Cats. What to do.

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I'm new to the forum, and have a few questions about how to reduce the weight of my cats. I have tried small portions and diet food (and a combination of the two). Other than putting them on the tread-mill :lol: does anyone have suggestions?

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diets and cats

By far the easiest way to get a cat to lose weight is to lose the dry food. Dry food is very high in carbohydrates and is the major contributor to feline body fat. It's been shown without a doubt now in many studies. Cats are carnivores and do not metabolize carbohydrates well. Canned or homemade food (high protein, high fat, LOW carbohydrates such as grains and veggies) are best for cats. Always think "Atkins diet" for weight loss in cats! (Actually, studies are now showing that low fat, high carb diets are not great for people, either, and Atkins was right!)

For more information, please see several articles on nutrition (including Feline Obesity and Why Cats Need Canned Food) at

The dry foods on AngelZoo's list are fine as far as it goes, but cats don't need dry food at all, and are far better off without it. Dry food does not clean the teeth! In fact, dry food provides no health benefits at all--rather, dry food causes or contributes to obesity, diabetes, urinary tract infections, kidney disease, and other health problems. Its only attraction is that it's cheap and convenient. Is that worth trading for your cat's health?

Dr. Jean
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You can for sure get Nutro and, I believe, Sensible Choice or Royal Canin, in Canada. I'd be surprised if a lot of the others weren't available, but then again you are not just in Canada, but away out there in the Maritimes, so that might be another issue. All the manufacturers have websites and tollfree numbers that you can call to find out the nearest outlet.

According to the labels, the general rule of thumb is one can of food for approximately 8 pounds of cat. However, I have a total of about 60# of cat here, they don't eat anywhere near that much; less than half. In your case, I'd just put out a glop and see how long it takes to get eaten. The nice thing is that you can pretty much feed them however much they will eat of the canned, without worrying about calories and stuff.

Dr. Jean
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