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hello all! I was wondering if anyone has had experience with cats on the raw diet who have had Fatty Liver Disease. My cat has had many health problems including UTI's, Gardia, IBS and so on. She is a full bengal (F5) who came from a very neglecting/questionable breeder. I switched her to Raw food about 2 months ago and things were GREAT! The UTI has cleared up, no more diarrhea and so on. Her personality has changed a lot in a great way as well.

My other cat is a kitten (about a year) who is half bengal/ half siamese. He is a bit of a butthead sometimes. I just noticed over the last few days he has been stealing her food and pushing her away from it. He has never done this before but is going through a growth spurt. I obviously started feeding her somewhere he couldnt reach her but its too late. She has Fatty Liver disease from not eating a lot. She has only been sick for two days so I think we caught this quite early.

I have switched her back to can wet food for the time being to get her back to gaining weight. I have been adding some rice water to it since this helped settle her stomach when she had gardia. She is eating without being forcefed and eating a lot! Almost ate the whole can today without any vomiting. I do not have a vet in the area who supports the raw diet and they will want me to put her back on the dry food and the Hills dry food at that. I never want to give her dry food again! I cracked ONCE when she first started the raw. I gave her dry food and that night she peed on me and had diarrhea.

I was curious if anyone has any experience with fatty liver in relation to the raw food.
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