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I'm new to the board. I need advice on how much to feed my diabetic cat. I am currently feeding him a commercial RAW cat food - Basic Instinct. He has been on raw food for about 3 months. He had a diabetic crisis about a month ago and we had to temporarily feed him a diabetic canned food and when I tried to switch him back to raw he only wanted one type and won't eat the other types unless there's canned food mixed in. I really prefer feeding him the raw and he likes the ground rabbit a lot but this past week or so he constantly begs for food and just a few days ago he was pulling his fur out in one spot in clumps. I'm worried that he isn't getting enough although in the past he is very motivated by food and is a begger (only with me though not my husband). I can't help but give in since I think he's hungry even though he has been obese in the past. I feed him 153 grams per day divided into two meals, but now he seems to want more all the time. It could be because of the diabetes (which is being controlled by insulin). How much should I feed him without him getting fat and still getting enough food? Any advice would really be appreciated. :?
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