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Feeding enough?

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I have a soon to be 12 year old kitten that has been on a prepared raw diet now for about a month and a half. So far everything has been great on it. She started out on the Primal brand for the starter week, but had to go to the Nature's Variety brand food (store's supply of Primal was freezer burned). She is now on a better quality raw prepared brand (can't remember the name). For the past week or so that she has been on this other brand, she has been crazy! It's as if she can't get enough food, she waits where we feed her when it's anywhere near mealtime and meows for food, wakes me up early in the morning and jumps on me over and over until I get up. She didn't do this on the Nature's Variety, but she didn't seem to love it as much as the Primal or this brand. So, am I feeding her enough? She's getting 2 oz. a day and she's about 6-7 lbs. Which is normal for her breed (Devon Rex). I'm thinking maybe I should be giving her 3-4 oz. it's definitely made her coat even softer, she's not throwing up her food anymore like she used to and I love the no smell poop!

Thank you for your help!
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I'd say let her body be your guide. Sometimes they do need more 2oz a day isn't a lot.. up her to 3 oz and see if she starts to get chubby.. if so, cut her to 2.5 and see how she does. :) You should be able to feel her ribs but not SEE them (or her backbone/hips). If you press lightly on her ribs, you should feel them.. if you can feel them without pressing, she's too thin. I like to keep my geriatric kitties fed a little extra (mine is 17 though) as he tends to lose weight quickly.
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