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I think I've figured out a way to get Chinchilla to eat without having to chase her around the room and keep Peanut away from it. It occurred to me today, after being out to lunch with a friend. My SO and I put Peanut in his carrier because we have a window to repair and we can't trust that he won't break it and get outside. We put out Chinchilla's uneaten wetfood also. When we got back, we discovered that the food was all gone. This is a first in a while that she has eaten all of her food. She is still bony, and I still have to assist feed her, but this tells me that the problem is that Peanut and she cannot eat at the same time. Without the option to feed them in separate rooms, I think the only solution would be to feed Peanut in the morning, and Chinchilla at night, when Peanut is in his carrier.

Is this a good idea?
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