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So it looks like the cat rescue wont be taking Thomas. :( There FIV room is full. But they will put him on there waiting list. ugh... So the rescue gave me two websites of listings of places that take FIV & other rescue cats.

One website has 2 shelters in NYC that take aids cats. I am not driving Thomas to nyc. The other website is another cat rescue that takes in all sorts of cats. They have a place for aids cats. So my mom emailed them to see if they can help. They are 2 hours away.

This really stinks because Tom can not be let out into my house to mingle with my 8 cats. So he is all alone in that small room. :( I spend a good amount of time hanging out with him. It gets kind of boring in there. So I hope someone will help us out and rescue Thomas the cat.

Why did he have to get aids in the first place. ugh...
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