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Ok, it is pee and poop as regards our feline friends.

After reading a few posts about problems with such, I am glad we have had only minor problems with such.

Our Eliza is 18 and has suffered the loss of her fellow cat of 16 yrs or so, and me bringing in a younger female into the house. three cats now and all are indoor only.

So Eliza has her own room or at least she spends 99% of the time upstairs in what we call a computer room, her nesting box, food tray, and a litter box. Wife is home all day/night and is ill with COPD so they spend a lot of time together.

All of a sudden, she started using the bath tub. Once identified, I put her own litter box in that computer room. Ok for awhile and then she started missing the box and urine was getting on the floor (hardwood).

The LitterMaid seemed to be taken over by the new female, Marble, but that was ok. After the bathtub incidents, I added another litter box, (4 now) and I suspect Kermit was using two of three.

One litter box was an overly large plastic container, perhaps a busboy type of container. I put that in Eliza's room and no more misses. The litter box in the bathroom is now filling faster than it had been and the Litter Maid is not being used as often?

I think I have to hook up the garden hose and do a good cleaning of litter boxes this weekend and get things back to normal. Oh how I wish I had trained all to use the toilet. All our litter is scoopable litter.

And, I thought cats were low maintenance and dogs high maintenance. But my problems seem minor compared to what I have recently read.

I sympathize with those owners who have more serious urinating problems. Perhaps some minor adjustments can make big changes? Cats are very intelligent but still are motivated by exterior influences. The tough job is understanding their 'reasonings' .
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