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My cat was diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia, a disorder that causes involuntary muscle spasms in her back. Luckily this is not life threatening, but vets are unsure of it's cause. It doesn't hurt her either, but its very annoying and agitating for her, so I would like to get her some relief.

I have already tried a raw diet and she refuses to eat anything but fancy feast. (which surprised me since she loves hunting and eating her catch, I figured she'd really go for some raw meat with..ugh..bones and organs mixed in!) I tried mixing her food as well but no luck. I plan on trying grain free food called wellness cat food, but I already no she's going to refuse it :(

My other vets suggested i try phenobarbital, but I'm a bit iffy giving her such a heavy duty drug when she isn't having seizures anyways. I even took her for acupuncture by a holistic vet and she decided to pull half the needles out mid session, so that didn't work either!

I also heard it may be anxiety related so I started using droplets of Bach's natural remedy into her water and food.

I'm at my wits end though! She has suffered from this ever since she was about 7 months old and she is about 2 years now. I really want to help her with this and would like more information about it, so does anyone here experience this with their cats? If you had any luck fixing this problem please let me know what you did :) thanks in advance!

symptoms of this include:
dilated pupils
"rolling" or twitching back
biting and licking obsessively
running around the house like a nut
becomes scared and agitated
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