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Feline Natural

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Hello all,

Well, I went to a Pet Food Express and the very helpful associate there, Vera, informed me of my options for feeding raw food.

After talking for a while, she spoke quite highly of Feline Natural, a food created in New Zealand, but also available here. She raved about how one benefit of it is that it contains the blood of the animal whereas sometimes the other frozen raw food, (while still beneficial) does NOT contain the blood, so supplements are added later.

She said she could special order the product, but at the moment, there's a problem in ordering it.

So I came here and looked online. I found their site, but when I went to "Store Locator" it gave me nothing...and when I tried to "Buy Online" I was taken to their dog branch "K9 Natural".

Just wondering if anybody has experience with Feline Natural and/or where I might buy it (on the USA west coast)?

Thanks much!
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