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Hello Everyone:
My 10 year old cat, Peepers, had and is still suffering from itchy skin. She began scratching severely about 5 months ago. I thought it was related to stress caused by a planned move, but then I discovered that a flea(s) got into my apartment. She is an indoor cat. I combed her and discovered an adult flea on the back of her neck and scoured the apt daily, washed everything, plastic bagged her belongings, threw out suspect objects, gave away a couch, brought her for a flea bath to a groomer (would never recommend these people to anyone living). The groomer said there were no fleas or eggs nor larvae; although, I don’t know how she could see the larvae without a microscope. During this period my daughter ordered homeopathic treatment online. The homeopathic treatment works temporarily by putting drops in her food. I called my homeopathic veterinarian initially, and Dr. Laura thought that what I described on her fur was dandruff. Finally, five months and a visit to my homeopathic veterinarian who said she has no fleas and a gave her a treatment of sulfur.
Also, Dr. Laura said I need to get Peepers off grains and dry food altogether. I got her off the grains food 5 months ago and now off all dry food. She still has dandruff. Dr. Laura suggested I give her Vitamin E -200 and occasionally fish oil with mercury removed. Peepers is still scratching somewhat, but a little less. One thing I have noticed throughout our ordeal is that she seems to calm down when sitting under incandescent lamps on her bed. So, I leave lamps on as much as possible, even during the day wherever she naps and stretches out.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had this problem and discovered its source and a solution. Otherwise, Peepers is generally a calm, content and happy cat. Thank you.
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