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First time poster.

I have an approximate 10-11 year old female house cat, who very recently has started to rip the fur out of herself. Right now she has currently cleared an area of fur about 2 inches by 6 inches on her back. The underside of her mouth also seems to show some signs of trauma, and is constantly wet.

From the physical side of things, when I petted and rubbed her, I noticed what seemed like dry skin, and I found some flea grit on her. She and her two offspring (1 neutered male + 1 female) are all 100% house cats. So I went to the pet store and all 3 are currently undergoing the "Frontline" flea treatment.
Did this after I noticed the skin patch.

From the physcological side of things, things have been very tense inside of the house. My wife and I got laid off at approximately the same time, and have been very worried about paying bills. My step son just moved out and took his cat with him. His cat was a male, who was a holy terror, and we had to keep his cat separated from our 3 little dogers, otherwise he would attack our cats.

We can't afford to go to the vet right now, but are very concerned about this behaviour and the health of our cat.

Is there anything we can do?

Regards - Wayne
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