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Finally found the button!

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None of you would believe the problems I have had trying to introduce myself - animals I can deal with - tecnology is another matter!!

I live in Wales and have four cats, a dog and a horse.

All of my cats and the dog are rescues. Princess Tramp is about 9 years old, Lottie is somewhere between four and seven, Ozzy and Jem are both about six months. All are neutered. The two mature ones are allowed out unsupervised - the two babies only go out if we are there to keep an eye on them. The last cat we and who died was over twenty so I uess the lifestyle sits them!

At the moment, however, we are a nine cat household! A few weeks ago, I was out walking the dog in the pouring rain when she found a soggy cardboard box. Inside was a nursing mother and four kittens who were about three weeks old. We have found homes for the kittens (all close by and with the understanding that if there are problems they will be returned to us not re-homed elsewhere). Next week they are going back en masse to be checked by the vet and then hopefully be going on to their new homes. The she is weaning them herself and has already come back into season - our front wall is permaently covered in spray from the Toms she is attracting!!! We will be having her speyed as soon as the kittens go. If she settles with ours we will be keeing her as well but our problems there I am going to explain in a seperate thread.

It was so lucky that Sadie was the dog who found them as the path where they were dumped is used a lot by dog walkers.

Looking forward to posting again!
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Yay! You found the button! :grin:

You should be able to post everywhere now. If not, hit F5 to refresh your settings.

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