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I just realized I haven't properly introduced Finn yet. I adopted Finn from a no-kill shelter when he was about 5 months old; he's now 8 months. When I went into the shelters' 'cat room' I saw so many cages filled with cats, but I noticed oddly, most were males - I guess no-one wanted them. I immediately noticed Finn, for some unknown reason. Finn was in a cage with his brother, who was bouncing around all over Finn trying to get my attention, but Finn was so mellow and cuddly-looking. I was drawn to him and held him. Finn perched on my shoulder, fluffed the side of my hair up and rested his head in it and just stayed there. I fell inlove with him and asked for papers to apply to adopt, and you know how that story ends ... :grin:

So . . . Meet Finn!

The day Finn came home

1 week home

Remote thief

Finn helped my niece put a puzzle of the USA together; Finn is the fuzzy one laying on America ;)

Finn in his bed - recent

Finn :)
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Wow, what a beauty he is! I love his brown coloring. And the name Finn - awesome.
I love the name Finn (how bad is it that I immediately thought of the lovable jock from Glee?) and Finn is definitely handsome in these pictures. :)

Thanks for giving him a new home!
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