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ditto what Queen of the Nile said. If you can leave the kitten with her mother for another six weeks, great! But we'll (well, me...I can't speak for everyone else) understand if that's not an option.

It looks to me like you've got all the necessities for a new kitten. Now it's time to set up the kitten's room. This is the first place she'll go and she should stay in there for a few days until she's used to her new surroundings. Put all of her supplies in that room so she has access to everything.

Some incidentals. These are things I've got for my cat that have come in handy. You may or may not find you'll need them:
brushes and combs: keeping Kitty well-groomed will cut down on the number of hairballs you'll have to deal with.
toothbrush and toothpaste: keep Kitty's teeth cleaned and you'll avoid expensive dental cleanings and removals in the future. Start brushing about the time Kitty loses her baby teeth.
glass and/or ceramic food and water dishes: plastic can cause feline acne and stainless steel could shock Kitty.
scratching post or cat tree: Since your're not declawing (and good for you, I say!) a scratching post is a must. But you might consider getting a cat tree in addition to or instead of. Getting a tall one will give Kitty a good place to climb and get plenty of exercise. Cats love being in high places. We have an ebay dealer post here recently under this forum in a thread titled "purrrniture." Apparently he's got some really good deals and comes highly recommended.
Toys: I see you've already gotten several toys, but may I recommend a toy called the "panic mouse." If you want to distract the cat and do something like cook dinner, this is a good way to keep your cat occupied while you're doing something else. I don't actually have this toy because it came out well after Sabby became a lethargic old cat.
String: Not a ball of twine or anything Kitty could get caught up in, but a length of heavy-duty string to tie to your belt loop that will drag on the ground behind you so Kitty can play with it instead of your ankles. Kitties love ankles. (Time for a Sabby story. Yaay! ... When I got Sabby I shared a room with my little sister, Afton. It was Afton's job to turn off the light at night, so every night she'd stand by the light switch and say, "Do you have him?" And I'd be holding Sabby and say, "Yes." Then she'd turn off the light and I'd let Sabby down and he would chase and bite her ankles. And she would scream and jump on her bed and yell at me. Ahh...good times!)

Other than that, spend lots and lots of time with your new kitten and enjoy!
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