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Hi there,

I'm really excited to be part of this forum! I will begin to go through the threads to find help and advice on taming a feral cat.

I brought Zanna home 5 days ago. She is about 3 months old and comes from a family farm where she roamed with a group of cats. They were able to catch her when she came to feed. I have not tried to touch her or make her feel pressured in any way. She is using the litter box and eating well. Her coat is healthy and her eyes clear. I uderstand she is very traumatised - the trip home was 3 hours and I know animals take time to settle in unfamiliar environments. She is vocal and calls out to me from under furniture. I answer back calling her name etc. She has come out a bit but I can see by her body language that she is very frightened.

I don't want to stress her even more and just want some advice on where to from here. I would be very grateful for any help and mentioned earlier will go through the threads as well.

From the times I saw her she has hazel eyes with grey and black stripes. I have been told she is female but didnt want to check because it would stress her. I have worked with horses, owned dogs and being actively involved with parrots but only had cats as a child so see myself as someone who needs to learn.
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