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Hi everyone,

I am a renowned cat hater... But a friend of mine had kittens she needed to get re homed and I had a mad moment to do something nice for my boys who had always wanted a pet...

Now I'm a mummy to lynx.. He is my baby and I love him. I have done nothing but try and research to
Give him the best start in life I can... But with so much conflicting info everywhere I don't know what's what...

Lynx came to me at 8 weeks exactly... I didn't know until afterwards that he should should have been with his mum till 12 weeks ideally... He was eating dry adult food and was the smallest out of the kittens... I have put him on wet food diet... I think it's better and more natural and the sound of a cat eating dry sends shivers down my spine...but now I'm learning about crap food and what is in what food and I'm so confused... I bought asda tiger kitten pouches the day I bought him... He loves them but now I'm worried if processed crap...bearing in mind I am a working single mum of 2 I can't afford more than £1-2 per day. Help please... Xxx

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