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I'm sorry about the positive result. I know a lot of cats with FeLV and FIV as I do volunteer work with them; they can live a long life, sometimes for several years they'll appear perfectly healthy as long as kept safely indoors with a proactive approach to any potential health concerns... and there are many to watch out for, lots of strange things can happen with FIV cats. A lot of cats will have mouth issues, needing teeth pulled and eventually may end up with no teeth even if they otherwise seem fairly healthy, so that's one thing to keep in mind and prepare for; dental work is expensive.

I know an FIV cat who could possibly be FeLV positive as well that's 16 and has had it for at least 10 years... this isn't to say he's totally healthy, but he's doing well considering.

Also, our vets are great, but not one of them until Friday (2 years and MANY cat fights after we first brought Scrappy to them) suggested to us that Scrappy might get FIV outdoors. Nor did any of them test Scrappy for FIV until a vet we'd never had before did it on Friday. Doesn't that seem negligent?
I don't really consider it negligent, the vets I see are great but they suggested against the tests on my semi-feral cat when we first took her to the vet. She was healthy, always has been, and since we don't know her history outside of the fact that she's already been spayed and has an impossible to read ear tattoo, the test may not be accurate, especially since she doesn't get into cat fights outside. If she had been given the vaccination against FIV at some point in her past the results would come back as positive...
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