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Two months ago I noticed fleas on Allie, one of two indoor persians, I gave her and oliver advantage 2...Twenty one days later still fleas so another dose on both of them....Thirty Five days later last week another third dose cause I found fleas and flea dirt, the day after I flea combed 7 fleas off Allie....Three days later I gave her a dawn soap bath no fleas spotted....Yesterday I flea combed one flea off her...

She started to show behavior symptoms looking like hyperesthesia sometime after the first dose....She licks her backside, stares to the sky with her head cocked for several seconds then furiously licks her tail etc and runs....

She has been to the vet last monday and had her anal glands expressed as she just had diarrhea
I can no longer find fleas, her skin is very nice but the other week I did find a single scab on the base of her tail that looked like dermatitis..

Is this fleas, I been thinking the worst that the flea meds caused her a neurological disorder
How long should symptoms stay after she has zero fleas? She also never did this ever before the first dose

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