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Delicate way to put it. I read that cats normally urinate between 2-5 times a day. Sienna (oh what would I do without her to fret over ... sleep better maybe??) is on the low end of that range. She usually only goes about twice a day and the past few days it's been on average even less. She does not handle stress well and I guess having two children come over for a while Saturday (ages 7 and 2) made her go off her feed a bit. Add to that the dog stealing her food a few times if she leaves it sitting and her appetite and output have been way down. Last night I broke down and fed her half a can of her favorite and sat with her until she finished it. I normally feed a mixture of 2 or 3 different foods mixed together. This morning's cleaning yielded two smallish clumps (golf ball maybe?).

Bottom line is I'm just not sure she is getting enough fluids. I do add a bit of water to her food, but normally just around a tablespoon or so. She is not an enthusiastic eater and sometimes I think she just loses interest if it takes too long to eat. She is my anorexic cat *sigh* I've had to syringe feed her a couple of instances since I've had her (adopted her in February) and am always fearful of having to again, hence the whole sitting with her while she ate episode (I scraped the food away from the sides and piled it in the middle for easy access and also finger fed her a bit .. it's a flaked food). She quite enjoyed it and purred the whole time *eyeroll*

My husband didn't like the idea of a fountain and I've only seen her drink from the community bowl (dog uses it as well) maybe once or twice in the 6 months she's been here.

Wanting to make sure she is hydrated enough to avoid UTIs and other issues, is she getting enough fluid in your opinion? Should I add another bowl of water somewhere else? I tried putting one in the laundry room but f course never saw her use it (it's out of the way and I couldn't tell if she was drinking or if it was evaporating). Suggestions are welcome!
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