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Jessica said:
marwood, I think at one time Iams was one of the best foods out there but now that the company was taken over the quality as gone down hill. I know a few people who fed Iams but switched after that because it gave their cats diarrhea and they turned their noses up at it.

Also I think with more research and the demand for higher quality foods, other companies have emerged that focus more on nutrition vs. advertising and fancy packaging.

As for other food brands I've heard that Royal Canin is good, as someone mentioned already, Wysong, Solid Gold, Innova and if you're looking for something that isn't so expensive then Nutro Natural Choice is a good mid priced brand.
Jessica works for a vet. She also said to avoid foods with corn meal as one of the first ingredients.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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