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The cats stayed in my room while we were opening presents, just too much noise and stimulation for them. But after we were all done, we let them out to play with the wrapping and paper. Well, Scully and Miko came out.......Steph didn't like my brother's new guitar amp and stayed on my bed:

"What's that noise?"

But Scully and Miko had fun :D

"What are those?"

"Oooooh, they look like fun!"


"What?....I wasn't doing anything...."

"That guitar sure is loud."

"Hi Mum."

"You're telling me you actually throw this stuff away?"


Scully's First (official) Christmas :

And all three cats on the bed their "aunt" gave them:


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Wow Miko is almost the size of Scully! I like them all retiring to the bed, do you have a full size shot of the bed? It looks really roomy :lol:
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