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Greetings from Northeastern Europe!

At first I'll apologize for all the grammar errors I'll probably make. That's because English is not my native language.

So, about myself: I had a cat once for a bit more than 6 years. I loved him as he were the member of our family (like a very little brother or something like that). We all loved him. But he got terribly ill. It was probably our fault - he sometimes used to lick our shoes and I think that he must've gotten this illness because of that. So, almost 2 years ago, we had to put him to sleep. It still makes me cry to think about that horrible day when vet came here, in our home and took care of it.
We haven't had a cat since that day. Not only because we're not ready for a new cat, my mother and I have to be away from home quite often, so there wouldn't be anybody to take care of a little furball.

It doesn't change the fact, that I'm completely in love with cats and on one day I'd like to have a new cat. Probably just not yet. But I hope that you won't throw me out of here because I don't have a kitten here with me.

Best wishes to all of you :) .
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